Who We Are


We are oriented to provide materials, products, equipment, machinery and materials related to the logistical needs of the mining company. Our commitment is to provide solutions to the needs of our customers by offering the best solutions based on a combination of efficiency and effectiveness of services, quality products, security, competitiveness, timely care and achieve steady and progressive preference.

Corporate Values

Customer focus and Long-Term Perspective:

We made sure to add value and inspire our customers because we know that they come to us by choice. We dare to be leading the market with a long-term perspective, taking advantage of opportunities to learn and progress.


We promise to deliver quality products to our customers; as well as stability and good working conditions to our employees.


Promote truth as an elementary tool for generating confidence to our clients and partners.

Quality and Innovation:

The quality is unquestionable for us. We strive tirelessly to get the most appropriate solutions, and the latest innovations.

Social responsability:

Corporate social responsibility compels us to take an active and supportive participation in activities of interest that are a priority for the community and respect for the environment.


Being the leader in the distribution of materials, products, equipment and supplies for the mining sector, achieving a steady and sustained growth.